Corghi Monster AG TT

1 · Significant reduction in strain

2 · High protection of rims and tyres

3 · High performance
4 · Maximum safety

5 · Absolutely universal application

Thanks to Monster AG TT, the profession of tyre speciailsts now changes substantially, guaranteeing technicians and their customers an additionally efficient, rapid and top quality service.

Together with the best of cutting edge technologies, Monster AG TT also integrates all the features that make it a fundamental and irreplaceable tool for the working quality and safety of industrial tyre operators.

Changing type - Leva la Leva
Tool-rim tangency type - YES
Automatic “S.T.S” wheel turnover movement - YES
Bead loosening disc with “patented” hydraulic movement
Rotation Hydraulic, Locking Hydraulic, Toolarmlift Hydraulic
Chuck holding carriage,Locking system, Hydraulic turntable
Rotation motor, Drive inverter
Rotation speed 3 speed 1 – 3,5 – 7,8 RPM
Maximum rotation torque 4059 ft/lbs (5500 Nm)
Locking unit 4 tilted jaws (patented)
Locking capacity from 14” to 58”, Locking positions 9
Maximum locking force 9000 lbf (40000 N)
Maximum hydraulic pressure 2610 PSI (180 bar)
Maximum tire diameter 98,4” (2500 mm), Maximum tire width 63” (1600 mm)
Maximum wheel weight 3747,8 lbs (1700 kg)
Minimum wheel centre hole Ø 3,5” (90 mm)
Minimum working height to chuck shaft 17,7” (450 mm)
Stand-by function YES, Display for setting wheel size in inches YES
Motor 3,3 - 4 kW
Adjustable hydraulic pressure from 1160 to 2610 PSI, Oil tank 4 gallons (15 l)
Power supply Electrical 3ph 230/400 V - 5 kW
Operating noise level 63 dB (A)
Transmission of commands via radio, Emergency button YES
Voltage 24 V
Dimensions 94.5"x86.6"x70.9"
Weight 2866 lbs (1300 kg)


This is an amazing tire changer. Take some time and watch the video below. Also, click on the blue link to download the brochure.

Corghi AG DOUBLE T.T. L tyre changer is one of the most efficient, complete products on the market thanks to the array of automated functions it offers. Reliability, versatile and construction quality are the key features of this product, which has always  achieved impressive sales success. It is an automatic tyre changer suitable for mounting and demounting tubeless tyre van, truck and bus wheels, supersingle wheels and wheels with rim loop. It is electrohydraulically operated and the controls are all located together on a low-voltage portable unit. The hydraulic turntable has top-range design features and uses choice materials. It assures excellent clamping during the delicate wheel clamping, bead breaking and tyre demounting functions. The tool arm is fully automated and moves in synchrony with the spindle carriage (although in the opposite direction) for quicker operation.

The nodular cast iron tool support has an overhanging bead breaker disc mounted on tapered roller bearings to ensure durability and smooth travel. The disc’s unusual shape has been specifically developed to allow the best possible penetration between the rim edge and tyre ead; what’s more, its rounded external profile prevents damage to or jamming against the tyre wall. The tool used is of tried and tested shape, and has an effective protective coating. 


  •   Automatic tyre changer suitable for tubeless tyre van, truck and bus wheels, supersingle wheels and wheels with rim loop. 
  •   Electrohydraulic operation 
  •   Portable control unit separate from the machine 
  •   Wheel clamping by means of hydraulic turntable 
  •   Machined steel tool arm 
  •   Fully automated tool arm 
  •    Synchronised travel of tool arm and spindle carriage Manual tool rotation 
  •    Overhanging bead breaker disc mounted on tapered roller bearings With pressure gauge for monitoring the hydraulic pressure 


Corghi HD 700

Electrohydraulic tyre changer for rim sizes from 14” to 26”

The ideal machine for the professional who needs an essential solution but refuses to sacrifice quality.

For demounting and mounting inner tube and tubeless type tyres for trucks, buses and industrial vehicles with annular groove or elastic ring type rims.

The greatest strength of this new tyre changer is that it can be used to work easily on any rim size up to 26”. Compact dimensions make the HD700 a practical and versatile tool, while still ensuring the stability and functionality necessary to work profitably on this type of wheel.


Rim clamping14" ÷ 26"
Maximum wheel diameter1600 mm (63")
Maximum wheel width780 mm (30")
Maximum wheel weight1200 kg
Machine weight555 kg