Corghi Exact 70

• 8 CCD-sensor, computerised wheel aligner.
• Main unit: wheeled cabinet with printer protected lodging, worktop for documents, professional PC with DVD player, Windows XP Embedded, 102-key keypad, steering wheel holder, brake pedal depressor and user manual.
• Set of 4 measuring heads with 8 CCD sensors and 8 electronic inclinometers.
• Wireless data transmission by means of an industrial radio with SSPP 2.4GHz technology. Internal batteries, battery charger on cabinet. Emergency cables included. (radio version only)
• Measuring sensors pre-set for use with electronic turntable. (Car Maker version only)
• “EXACT ALIGNMENT PRO” 32 bit wheel alignment software including toe curve procedures. Ready for animation or fixed slide for vehicle adjustment, OnLine alignment Specs, RH meter, Romess and Asa Network.
• Ready for truck, bus and trailer database and procedures.
• IR remote control, mouse and universal LCD monitor holder ON REQUEST