Coats BaseLine 225 is the ideal balancer for a low volume shop that is looking for a durable, entry-level balancer for most basic fitments. The balancer features 8 balancing modes, pedal brake system, and LED touch panel display. Also includes access to Coats' extensive Factory Authorized service network.

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Coats 1250-2D 28mm or 40mm

Designed for front line, high-volume balancing
Easy to read LED readouts
Five-second cycle time
Handles rims up to 30" in diameter and 20" wide
Handles tires up to 44" in diameter
Automatic data entry for Distance and Diameter


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Coats 6401 Heavy Duty

This model is for high-volume, commercial tire dealers or truck fleets.

With exclusive direct-drive power, the Model 6401 has only one moving part, resulting in extremely accurate balancing.

Handles tires up to 46 inches in diameter and rims up to 26 inches in diameter and from 4.5 inches wide to 18 inches wide.
Keypad data entry and bright LED displays indicate weight locations and amounts.
Single-spin dynamic, static and RV balancing modes.
Average cycle time for truck tires is a fast 12 seconds.
Automatic hub-nut-loosening feature, a back/front cone mounting system, and a removable stub shaft.

Coats 775 Motorcycle

This unit is designed for low-volume occasional balancing of OE fitments but offers features you will find on much more elaborate machines. Most often used with additional adapter to service motorcycles.


Manual data entry.
Integrated LED matrix display provides easy-to-read visual cues and keypad, promoting proper balancing techniques and faster bay turnaround times.
Ten balancing modes, including multiple static, dynamic and alloy modes.
Space-saving design allows you to put your balancing station virtually anywhere.